GAL's for All Nevada Foster Kids

Foster Kids are guaranteed by law to have a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) appointed to help them! Nevada judges routinely ignore the law! Kids suffer!  

Nevada law says: ". . . the court shall appoint a guardian ad litem . . . to represent and protect the best interests . . . " of children in the care of the state!

Despite this law less than half the kids in the Nevada Foster Care System have GALs appointed for them!

Judges in Nevada are not appointing GALs for all or even most of the Kids in Foster care.

The more populated jurisdictions have CASA organizations that train GALs but they do not have enough volunteers for all of the kids in care.  Some kids get GALs and others don't.   The less populated jurisdictions don't have CASA programs yet and judges never or very rarely appoint anyone to act as GALs for any of the kids in care.   The law allows for judges to use substitutes if trained CASAs are not available, but that isn't happening either.

It is a travesty that judges in Nevada are unable to obey the law!

This web site is here to help bring together people, information and resources to try to tackle this problem.  Maybe if we work together we can help the judges help the kids.

Last updated:  4/26/09